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If any person should be ever interested in visiting a valid cc shop (visa card number expiry date and cvv), they must keep in mind that the most part of such kind of websites are closely monitored by those who run it, which can be dangerous for you computer or any of your personal bank accounts, because, if you are not part of the underground system of illegal credit card data trade you might become its victim.

Dump store

Any dump store offers its own rules and measures of protection for its users, that is, people who pretend to sell stolen data, but who can guarantee that your buyer will not turn around at you and any play you as well as you had previously played the people you stole the credit card credentials from (sell love to shop vouchers, sell love2shop vouchers), thus, buying and selling dumps it is not as easy as it seems, unless you are very careful.

Valid shop

Many online dump stores use the valid shop domain, which means or pretends to signify that information traded on those digital platform is supposed to be fresh and real. Nevertheless, it might turn out to be another scam since so many of them have been ripening as cherries on the tree, specially since 2014, on the vast and incontrolable underground internet world (sell nintendo eshop card, do tesco sell love to shop vouchers).

Carding sites

Carding sites shelter all the possible transactions related to the black market of active credit cards details, such as cc number, expiration date, card holder name and so on. Some of them even offer valid pin codes for the stolen credit card data, so the buyer can operate with the purchased data freely (shops that sell amazon vouchers). Needless to say that all of their activities have to be carried out in the dark web, because they are illegal.